I was so mad yesterday, feeling hot and lousy…why? 

Hubby called that he can’t come home early…AGAIN? OTY again? Yeah, it’s OTY, “overtime thank you”. Their company allowed only 3 hrs. OT, next is 8 hrs. then 12 hrs….if you will extend to 4 to 7 hrs., the rest is unpaid and thank you… sucking kind of policy. With my husband’s line of work, he can’t avoid this…he is in board testing, whenever there is new product introduction he can’t come home until 2 or 3 boards will pass in ICT testing.

I hate this kind of situation, we are here waiting for him, me hungry because I couldn’t eat without him, and there he is rendering services unpaid! I know, I know, it’s call of duty but do you think it’s fair? For me it’s unfair! If he spends that time for us, for his children it would be priceless and precious moments.


Leigh was already sleeping at 1:30 pm, Lizette still awake and making noise…noise that made her bro awake at 2:30…I hardly get him back to sleep until Liz was silently snoring. Now Leigh’s time, he was shouting and giggling, afraid of not letting Liz to wake up, we went outside. Usually they sleep together, I just don’t know why Liz had the hard time to take her nap yesterday.

They must sleep on the same time for me to do my chores, cook for dinner, take a bath and PC time. As for Jake, break time for the “maid”.

Yesterday, oh yesterday…I have done my chores, cook our dinner but with Leigh on my side minus the PC time and worst, bath time. Yuck! How can I do it? No one will look after Leigh and he is on his active stage, pick and unto the mouth, climb everywhere, mess everything. 

Ok, I can do the bathing when hubby arrives but then that call…BAD! BAD! BAD!  

At 11 o’clock, hubby arrived and gave me this…choc   

Enough for me to hold my temper…

By the way, Lem’s working hours is 8:15 am to 5:15 pm, he’s home at 5:45 


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  1. 1

    G said,

    I detest overtime either, that’s why we left Japan! Hubby would come home at 10pm everyday and I hate, hate it!! But at least you have a pasalubong when he came home! that’s so sweet!

  2. 2

    bing said,

    I have always a pasalubong when he knew that i am ready to burst, lol. His famous line, “TAKOT KO LANG!”

  3. 3

    lenore said,

    i can relate. i used to get easily flustered when my man doesn’t come on time as agreed or designated. but as humans do I adapt. now whenever he’s late, i take it as an opportunity to enjoy the company of other people/friends. but your husband is really sweet…count your blessings you have loads of them.

    So B-bing is a late comer huh! I have read the poems that R gave you…he is sweet too not because he is my cousin. He really is.

  4. 4

    homestyleliving2 said,

    Your hubby really knows how to calm you- It’s difficult to stay angry to someone who brings pasalubong! My husband doesn’t stay long in his office but brings his work at home. But most of the time-he’s not succesful in transforming our room to an office because our daughter will keep on calling his attention until she has her papa’s undivided attention (ultimate papa’s girl)!

    My girl too, an ultimate Papa’s girl, me also.

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