Girls’ day out

Only me and Liz this time… Lem was too tired that he allowed me and Liz to go with friends to Carrefour. First time to go out with my girl in tow, we used to go to malls together but this time…girls only.

Leigh has to stay with Papa, he cried when we left our room…sorry baby.

Carrefour here we come! Off to the cart, my girl was just behaving.

First stop, children’s section…must buy stuffs for my little ones. Liz wanted to play in the Kiddie rides but I opposed. We should buy some pasalubong first.

Chocolates section…chocolates, chocolates, lots of chocolates, coffee made in Malaysia, fish crackers, biscuits and cookies abuatan Malaysia…until I came across the ladies section…found a nice blouse, white colored but the price??? Expensive! Should I buy it? Never mind… 

Men’s section…must buy shorts and tees for hubby, he is into lawn tennis now so he needs more of it. And a glanced again to the blouse I set aside. On second thought…

Toys…for my Lester…galaxy defender…but the price??? Never mind…I’ll buy him in the Philippines. 

My girl was so behaved and pointed the Barbie, wow! Now she demanded of toys. But I said no, not at this time where she will only pull the hair, destroy the dress and detach the legs and hands of Barbie. Poor Barbie! Maybe if she knows already how to love it already and value her toys. Good girl just did not argue with me, she just behaved. One thing I admire for my children, they are not the type who will insist what they want, then cry to the max, and because it’s shameful, you have no other option but to buy it. Nope, my children listen and understand explanations.

Wet market…got some just enough for a week consumption. Found myself in ladies section again…”Will I buy this one?” Sigh…okay, a gift for myself.

After 4 hours of roaming inside, we were at the counter already. Still my girl behaved well until she pointed to her favorite candy, Mentos. Ok…for being so cool, I’d buy you some. 

Passed by to children’s boutique again…found a pink blouse for her. And last stop…kiddie rides. 

Here are some pics of Liz… 

Grocery stores here had lots of food samplings, every corner…enough for you to get full once you reach the counter.

But before we went home, ice cream treat for both us.

 abuatan – Bahasa for made


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  1. 1

    desai said,

    Thumbs up for you and Lemuel…you raise your children so well.:-)

  2. 2

    G said,

    It’s great to have a girls day out. I love to go out with my daughter too. Liz is such a darling!

  3. 3

    bing said,

    Thank you Sai…

    As darling as me Grace? hahaha

  4. 4

    homestyleliving2 said,

    Liz is beautiful! Can’t wait for danielle to be Liz’s age so we can
    have a girl’s out ( not now where I have to aid her while walking and
    frequently change diapers).

  5. 5

    […] the latter but go home instead…I miss my Lester, I am eager to see him. And this explains the “pasalubong” and the packing of things I mentioned in my previous […]

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