Last December 2006, we attended a birthday party here in Malaysia. It was the birthday of Lem’s co-employee’s son. Only Lester and Lizette were with us, Leigh was in PH that time. Lots of fun, balloons, cake and delicious food. Our children were so happy indeed. Until one of the balloons popped out, right in front of Lizette’s face. As expected, Liz cried. We comforted her and she went to the room where the children were playing. Another balloon popped out outside, Liz heard it and cried again. We embraced her and carried her; she did not want to go down anymore and mingle with others. BOOM! Another balloon popped, that was the third explosion for that night… Explosions that made our little girl shiver.  

After that incident, Liz doesn’t want balloons anymore. Even on Leigh’s 1st bday we omitted balloons in the party because she was crying and trembling. We never get alarmed because we thought that she is just so young and we hope that someday she will overcome with it when she gets older.  But every time we attended birthdays and went to the mall, when she sees balloons, she is afraid and will cry. She even threw the give a way that the celebrant gave her because there is an unblown balloon inside.  

Last Saturday, another birthday party and we were invited. With the two kids in tow, off we go. Upon entering, Liz did not notice the yellow balloons. After eating and the children were already playing, Leigh reached the balloons and Liz saw it. She then begun to cry and telling Leigh to put down the balloons or stay away with it. But Leigh was so happy with what he is holding. So, to comfort Liz, I let her go with Papa to another house (Pinoy also) where the drinking session was held.  

Now I am worried with my girl. I am afraid she has now a bglobophobia. How can she overcome her fears? Does she needs theraphy in her age now?  

Parents out there…need help.   

bGlobophobia, defined as “a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of balloons”. 


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  1. 1

    G said,

    Wow bing, I never knew there is such thing as phobia for balloons. Great work girl. Thanks for sharing the info.

  2. 2

    My MIL has a friend that has this. It is the strangest thing. A lot of people think it is a joke and tease her with them, but this 50 year old woman is terrified of balloons.

    I have no help for you though, I’m sorry. Maybe talk with her doctor?

  3. 3

    Judy said,

    I think I would definitely talk with her doctor about it. It sounds like it goes beyond a mild fear or something she will outgrow. Does she respond the same to unblown-up balloons? or is it only when they are filled with air? Good luck!

  4. 4

    bing said,

    Liz was a balloon lover prior to that incident…

    Mommy the Maid:
    Thanks for dropping by…as much as possible, we wanted to do the curing first. Thank you and i like your site.

    Thanks a lot for your time. Yeah, filled with air or not, she’s afraid. Unfortunately we have no private doctor here in Malaysia, maybe when we get home…as of now, we are trying to do the remedy…Thanks again.

  5. 5

    Jenny said,

    Wow. I wonder if people were popping them on purpose after that.

  6. 6

    bing said,

    Hello Jenny,
    Thanks for dropping by, it was unintentional. The balloons have poor quality.

  7. 7

    Phobic said,

    I have this phobia, and have had my whole life. It is a massive struggle like you wouldn’t believe. As a child it will destroy all times that are considered to be fun, you feel humiliated in every circumstance that balloons are around. Parties, festivals, fairs etc

    I recommend checking out :

    This is the best description I’ve ever come across and actually made me feel a little more normal.

    But my advice is help her to get over it quick!!!!!! But be sympathetic about it… it can be easily made much worse.
    A fear of balloons means you will never interact socially in occasions when they are around, and can very easily lead to a fear of all social events.

    A young mind is incredibly fragile, and an incident like this can have huge implications for the rest of your life.
    Trust me… I know.
    I’m starting to deal with this… I always thought Id just grow out of it, but never did. I’m now 27 and am finally starting to deal with it properly.

  8. 8

    Aitch said,

    A balloon went off in my face when I was 3 years old. I was really frightened of them after that. Other kids at school would taunt me with them which made my fear much worse. I’m am now 44 and absoloutely terrified of them. Any social do with them is a total nightmare for me. I just stay away from anything like that. If a balloon comes anywhere near me I run away screaming. I jump very easily and if any thing suddenly goes bang I freak out very badly. I wonder if this is to do with me being a musician (I don’t play at Functions. Balloons again) and having very sensative ears.

  9. 9

    Spud said,

    Oh your poor girl…exposure therapy can make people much worse, especially youngsters…so don’t pop more in her face. I dunno what you could do apart from expensive treatment, I have had globophobia from a young age and I am even terrified of social events now, and fireworks night. I really don’t know how to cure it. 😦 Sorry

  10. 10

    Shachii said,

    Hey bing,
    My son has the exact same fear of balloons.. It started the same way and he behaves exactly as you have described about your daughter. Please tell me if you managed to get rid of this phobia. If so, how? We’re really troubled with this and have not been to a birthday party in over a year. He’s 3 and a half years old now. Please help!


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