“Expecto Patronum”

It was dark, the people around were silent and were very much focused on the big screen. Only flashing lights from Exit signs can be seen. Two kids were silently observing their new environment.   

“Expecto Patronum” 

Yes, yes yes! After three years we broke the ice…we watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix…movie debut for Liz and Leigh. 

What do you expect for kids with such age inside the movie house?  

Of course, we’ve been ready for whatever will happen. We went there at 2 pm, the usual afternoon nap for the two.  

Next, chose the upper portion and near the lobby for in case Leigh will get bored and wanted to do his stunts and babble his “piti piti pata pata”.  But we are glad they just observed and kept quiet.  

Thirty minutes after, Leigh was sound asleep. Liz sat on my side and has her milk. She was amazed with the magical acts of Harry and the rest of the Dumbledore’s Army.  

When almost at the finale, Leigh woke up, stay put for a while until he wanted to be free. He was been in Papa’s arms since we were seated. Papa was too kind to stand up and went to the lobby as to not disturb the other moviegoers and me.  Liz was just contented in hanging her feet to the other seat…no one was there of course. She occasionally glanced to Papa and Leigh who were at our back standing. 

Lights were on, people stood up and begun to walk outside. End of our movie escapade. Liz was wearing a smile on her face.  

Ohh, I will not talk much about the movie, it’s a must see film.  

Cheers to my two kids for behaving so well and for being cooperative in fulfilling Mama’s dream, to watch Harry on wide screen. I have watched the four other series only on DVD . 


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  1. 1

    G said,

    Wow, you are very brave to risk going to the movies with the young ones. I could never do that. What if they will have a hissy fit and I had to go in the middle of the movie climax!?
    M and I watched Goblet of Fire alternately!

  2. 2

    bing said,

    Hubby will give way for me daw…he said he is willing to go out if in case that will happen. Luckily, they behaved…

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