Last night

  • HU: Are you sure you want to leave me?
  • Me: Yes, I made up my mind.
  • HU: How ‘bout the kids?
  • Me: My parents will look after them.
  • HU: I will miss them.
  • Me: They will miss you too.
  • HU: Ma, you don’t have to…
  • Me: I need to Pa.  

Excerpt from our recent serious talk, yes, we have to separate ways. I have to move on and follow my dreams. I have to quit being a SAHM and face a new challenge in my life. I did not say, I am having a hard time of it…but I was once a career woman and I miss it. 

Tonight will be our last night here in Penang, Malaysia, I will miss this place…the people, the environment, unpredictable weather, the food (not curry), my new found friends, the afternoon walk, badminton match with hubby (though we only played once), the chitchat with friends while waiting the mobile store to arrived at 10 am, our unit (which is bare when I arrived, but now, it has curtains sewed by me) and lots of things to be missed.  

We made a tough decision this time, to the extent that our children will be away from their father. 

HEY! Don’t be too serious! 

Our visit visa will expire on the 25th, so we have to go home or exit to another country. But I opted not to do the latter but go home instead…I miss my Lester, I am eager to see him. And this explains the “pasalubong” and the packing of things I mentioned in my previous posts. 

Actually, we are supposed to return after six days of stay in Manila, everything was ready, from plane tickets to the letter from the company until this BIG NEWS (which I will post sometime when it’s clear already) came out. Big News that made everyone worries, news where many “What if(s)?” raised…so very big that made us decide to be away from each other…not just for days but months or years (hope not). 

Anyway, we will just pray and hope for the best. And we are counting on your prayers folks and please pray for our safety on tonight’s jaunt.

Lots of challenges and interesting things will be posted…keep lynching!


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  1. 1

    zamejias said,

    Hey, I feel sad about this decision..because I know what it’s like to be living away from my son’s Pa…

  2. 2

    homestyleliving2 said,

    Hello bing,

    That is a very tough decision. I think it’s very sad because it would take you and your kids far from their Papa but at the same time I also know that you are missing your eldest son left in the Phils… I hope things would turn out in a win-win situation for you and your family. I’ll be praying that things will turn out fine.. Try to evaluate things and see if returning back to work would outweigh the benefits of being away from your hubby. I know I am not the best person to comment on this because I am now back in the workforce even on part-time basis only. But I did left everything in CDO just to be with my husband to where he is now. I gave up so many things including my work, but I am happy that I did… Just listen to your heart and mind. If you feel at peace and happy with the change, then it’s the perfect set-up for you and the family. If not, there must be a better solution…Hope everything will be ok soon…

  3. 3

    lenore said,

    hi bing. haven’t been able to check your blogs. so you’re finally coming home. life is really tough, isn’t it? but we need to make decisions, we need to take risks. if not, we may not experience life fully. i always believe things will work for the best in the end. God will see to it that it does, so we need not worry. See you soon.

  4. 4

    Delilah said,

    Hello!!i read your blog right now..touch ako ha..anyway,that’s life…but we have to pray n the way,your going home n pla..TAKE CARE …GOD BLESS YOU!!keep in touch if you have time even your in the phils.

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