Defeating Discouragement

Nehemiah 2:1-9

At one time or another, disappointment affects us all. It may even cause temporary feelings of letdown. But if we’re disappointed repeatedly, discouragement may set in. That can affect us in a variety of ways.

First, our mind becomes divided. We have difficulty concentrating. No matter where we are or who is with us, we keep thinking about the disappointment.

Next, we place blame. It’s easy to imagine we’ll feel better by blaming the problem on someone else. We may get down on ourselves for our mistakes. Or, we might even point the finger at God for allowing the trial. As our attitude deteriorates, we start focusing on what we dislike or don’t have.

Anger is another consequence. We lash out because people or circumstances fail us. Our unresolved anger often drives people away and increases our disappointment.

In time, discouragement leads to unwise decisions. With a divided mind, wrong focus, negative attitude, and unresolved anger, we won’t think clearly or act in ways that please God.

We can learn how to defeat discouragement from Nehemiah’s story. After praying, we must look to God in anticipation of what He’ll do. The Lord moved the king’s heart to show favor toward Nehemiah. The king provided him with soldiers and supplies for rebuilding Jerusalem. Nehemiah accepted the help and moved forward.

God will move hearts and send people to help us in discouraging times. Will you look to the Lord and accept the assistance He sends?


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