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Wordless Wednesday #3 Dance


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After 4 days…I am almost done.

almost done

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wHaT KeEpS Me BuSy

Aside from net surfing, I love cross-stitching. I’ve been doing this before (college days), but I stopped when my eldest was about three years old and I was busy attending my net cafe then.

While on vacation as a Stud/Mom, I am trying to finish one piece.



A picture of what I have started…

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TruE or NoT?

News: Your dependent pass is okay now. Just read your emails… 


Really? This was the latest news we learned last night from a friend. Hubby hasn’t read his emails since Monday for he is out in the company for 5-day training.  

We have been waiting for this DP to be approved, it was set aside last July because of the unexpected selling of the company to Flextronics that made their status floating. Luckily, they were absorbed by the new management, so they can stay as long as they wanted to. 

I can’t talk much as I have no proof for it. I have to wait for Monday!!!    

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Not so lakwatsera…

Got this link from Verb

My Lakbayan grade is C! (Not bad…)

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

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Signing back…

What happened to my site???

Seems that the owner is too busy to write anything…

Yeah, I really AM… 

I hope I am totally back…yes I am! 

I am on vacation today and the rest of the days…meaning???

Hmmm…have more time to write and read other blogs! 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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