Signing back…

What happened to my site???

Seems that the owner is too busy to write anything…

Yeah, I really AM… 

I hope I am totally back…yes I am! 

I am on vacation today and the rest of the days…meaning???

Hmmm…have more time to write and read other blogs! 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 


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  1. 1

    zamejias said,

    Bing!!! Is it you? I mean someone left an anonymous message on my blog..and I checked where it’s coming from…there are actually two traces…one from Malaysia..the other from the US.

    Musta na? It’s good that you’re updating? Nagskwela pa ka? Grabe kadaghan sa akongpangutana…:D

  2. 2

    bing said,

    Yap, it was me…I am here in Malaysia to spend Christmas with hubby.
    Nag eskwela pa pero on vacation sa…pwede ba yun??? LOL
    I asked permission from the school na i continue ako studies pag-uli nako.

  3. 3

    zamejias said,

    Wow! Together again diay mo! That’s good to hear. Welcome back…bisan vacation-signing back lang. 😀

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