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A happily married person with three lovable kids. From a province of Mindanao came to a wide area of Luzon and there build a home of our own. Luckily, my beloved husband got a job in Malaysia last November 2005. In his early 9 mos. we followed him for a 5 months visit. Only two of our children were brought and the youngest, Leigh, who is 5 mos. that time, was left to my parents. January 2007 when we went home, after a month of stay in Mindanao we came here for another 5 mos. with the two children minus the eldest who will be studying as first grade in primary level.  

Starting a new life in a foreign land is not that easy, you wouldn’t know who will be your new friends, with the language barrier and different culture. As for me, from businesswoman to a full time housewife and “nanny” to my angels, it would be a tough job.

Tiring but challenging… 

 (Above pic is courtesy of me…done during my idle times where my creative mind works.)


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    jhayelle said,

    hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for the comment. I hope my drawing is really good, hehe! Take care!

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