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After 4 days…I am almost done.

almost done


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wHaT KeEpS Me BuSy

Aside from net surfing, I love cross-stitching. I’ve been doing this before (college days), but I stopped when my eldest was about three years old and I was busy attending my net cafe then.

While on vacation as a Stud/Mom, I am trying to finish one piece.



A picture of what I have started…

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TruE or NoT?

News: Your dependent pass is okay now. Just read your emails… 


Really? This was the latest news we learned last night from a friend. Hubby hasn’t read his emails since Monday for he is out in the company for 5-day training.  

We have been waiting for this DP to be approved, it was set aside last July because of the unexpected selling of the company to Flextronics that made their status floating. Luckily, they were absorbed by the new management, so they can stay as long as they wanted to. 

I can’t talk much as I have no proof for it. I have to wait for Monday!!!    

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Signing back…

What happened to my site???

Seems that the owner is too busy to write anything…

Yeah, I really AM… 

I hope I am totally back…yes I am! 

I am on vacation today and the rest of the days…meaning???

Hmmm…have more time to write and read other blogs! 

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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Health Care

We have started our next module which is Introduction to Home Health Care.  

Sounds easy, yes…but it tackle medical terms which are very vague to me. New to me… 

Anyway, everything can be learned. 

Our clinical instructor is good; he is a she and a nursing graduate. He is fun!  

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I know I have been too silent…

Honestly, I can’t think of any words to write for the past days! I only read other’s blog and commented but zero words on my own page. Hmmmnnn…

I don’t know…maybe because I was relaxing my mind from the final exam that it went through…(our first module was done).

Though the result is good, I am confident that I got the high score but the effect is just so terrible…I can’t explain it really!

I felt like I came from a long journey and when I reached home…all I wanted is to rest my tired body.

Maybe…maybe not…my mind was just tired and wanted to feel the long vacation from school (holiday on Monday and our next module will start on the 22nd).

I know I felt this before…

Any idea???

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First Module

Our first module is English…British English.

Here are few examples:

American English British English

  1. Appetizer – Entrée
  2. Bar – Pub
  3. BleachersTerraces
  4. BuddyMate
  5. ClosetCupboard
  6. CornMaize
  7. Detour – Diversion
  8. Eggplant – Aubergine
  9. Elevator – Lift
  10. FaucetTap
  11. EnterpriseCompany
  12. Pavement Road surface
  13. Pants -Trousers
  14. Shorts -Pants
  15. Skillet Frying Pan
  16. Wrench Spanner



We were given hand outs to read for tonight and tomorrow will be a long quiz.


Study! Study! Study!

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