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Weird Things ‘Bout Me

I was tagged by Zam, few weeks ago…to list 6 weird things about me. Here: 

  1. I can’t sleep without socks…it started when a friend told me to wear socks at night after putting petroleum jelly on my heels. This is an effective way in healing crack heals, just like having a foot spa.
  2. I am a man wrap into a woman’s body. I can fix everything in our house, either electrical, electronics or carpentry, whether the result is good or bad. I even know how to weld using acetylene or the usual welding machine.
  3. I want everything in order. I can’t stand for a messy surroundings, it gives me bad mood.
  4. I share this with Grace…I can’t do my stuff in a dirty toilet. I can hold it until I reach home…worst is, I can even hold it for three days if I am away from home.
  5. I love smelling hubby’s sweat…smells like “Victoria’s Secret” to me.
  6. I always bring small mirror wherever I go. Since my elementary years until now that I have three kids already, I had my handy mirror on my bag.

  So am I weird enough?  


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