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Not so lakwatsera…

Got this link from Verb

My Lakbayan grade is C! (Not bad…)

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.


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One word Meme

From Bin of Homestyle Living…

  1. Where is your mobile phone? house
  2. Relationship? stable
  3. Your hair? wavy
  4. Work? challenging
  5. Family? five
  6. Your favourite thing? mirror
  7. Your dream last night? none
  8. Your favourite drink? Kalamansi juice
  9. Your dream car? RAV-4
  10. The room you’re in? internet café
  11. Your shoes? black
  12. Your fears? suffocation
  13. What do you want to be in 10 years? wrinkleless
  14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? family
  15. What are you not good at? swimming
  16. Muffin? chocolate
  17. Wish list item? Lap-top
  18. Where you grew up? Philippines
  19. The last thing you did? cook
  20. What are you wearing? clothes
  21. What are you not wearing? jewelries
  22. Your pet? none
  23. Your computer? Desk top
  24. Your life? hanging
  25. Your mood? normal
  26. Missing? hubby
  27. What are you thinking about? schooling
  28. Your car? none
  29. Your kitchen? small
  30. Your summer? good
  31. Your favourite color? baby blue
  32. Last time you laughed? today
  33. Last time you cried? secret
  34. School? done…(but starting a new course)
  35. Love? endless

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I’m Back

Finally, after a long absence I am here again.I have done a lot of travels (MY to Manila, Manila to Cagayan, Cagayan to Butuan then Butuan to CDO) that’s why I haven’t posted any.

Now, I do hope I can recall all the happenings during those days that I was away.

I have to thank Grace for including me on her Rockin’ Blogger List despite the fact that I am a newbie.

I was so honored and this rockin’ award will be my inspiration to think and write more.

There will be some changes coming through because I will no longer be a SAHM…but…hmmmnn…I have to let you think first.

Make a guess!

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Certified Harry Aficionada

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I was so mad yesterday, feeling hot and lousy…why? 

Hubby called that he can’t come home early…AGAIN? OTY again? Yeah, it’s OTY, “overtime thank you”. Their company allowed only 3 hrs. OT, next is 8 hrs. then 12 hrs….if you will extend to 4 to 7 hrs., the rest is unpaid and thank you… sucking kind of policy. With my husband’s line of work, he can’t avoid this…he is in board testing, whenever there is new product introduction he can’t come home until 2 or 3 boards will pass in ICT testing.

I hate this kind of situation, we are here waiting for him, me hungry because I couldn’t eat without him, and there he is rendering services unpaid! I know, I know, it’s call of duty but do you think it’s fair? For me it’s unfair! If he spends that time for us, for his children it would be priceless and precious moments.


Leigh was already sleeping at 1:30 pm, Lizette still awake and making noise…noise that made her bro awake at 2:30…I hardly get him back to sleep until Liz was silently snoring. Now Leigh’s time, he was shouting and giggling, afraid of not letting Liz to wake up, we went outside. Usually they sleep together, I just don’t know why Liz had the hard time to take her nap yesterday.

They must sleep on the same time for me to do my chores, cook for dinner, take a bath and PC time. As for Jake, break time for the “maid”.

Yesterday, oh yesterday…I have done my chores, cook our dinner but with Leigh on my side minus the PC time and worst, bath time. Yuck! How can I do it? No one will look after Leigh and he is on his active stage, pick and unto the mouth, climb everywhere, mess everything. 

Ok, I can do the bathing when hubby arrives but then that call…BAD! BAD! BAD!  

At 11 o’clock, hubby arrived and gave me this…choc   

Enough for me to hold my temper…

By the way, Lem’s working hours is 8:15 am to 5:15 pm, he’s home at 5:45 

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