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First time…

Saturdays and Sundays are his day-offs, but last Saturday was Penang Governor’s Day, so holiday will take effect on Monday, Tuesday is company shutdown…all in all hubby has 4 days vacation. Yupie! We have much time together. 

 After girls’ day out, Saturday bday party, next is Sunday at the pool…we decided to treat the children to the pool since the sun was hiding in the clouds. Ironic but we hate to go to the pool when it’s hot! Afraid to get tan, lol.  

The pool is just within our sight, it is a 5 minutes walk from our condo. 

Leigh’s first time in the pool…he loves water. And as expected, he enjoyed so much. He did not want to come out from the water. He was not even afraid to jump into it.  

Some pics…

Not bad for a first timer, without the crying and the clinging…sure it was FUN!

So glad they did not catch colds. 


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